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Helio Poppyseed Filling
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Helio Poppyseed Filling

HELIO poppy seed mass is a combination of reliable quality and proven, traditional taste. It is sweet, aromatic and has an optimal degree of humidity and density. HELIO poppy masses created in accordance with the traditional recipe, owe their uniqueness not only to the best poppy species, but also to well-balanced proportions of dried fruit, raisins and orange peel. HELIO poppy seed mass does not require additional heat treatment or grinding of poppy seeds - it is a ready filling for the dough. It is an excellent base for poppy seed cake, poppy seed cake, strudel, noodles, kutia and many other delicacies.

The first HELIO poppy masses appeared on the market at the beginning of the 21st century and since then have been repeatedly awarded prestigious prizes. HELIO poppy seed mass is a product honored, among others consumer and industry laurels, including the title of the House Medal product and the European Medal.

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