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Kinder Bueno
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Kinder Bueno

What is Kinder Bueno?
Kinder Bueno is a unique chocolate bar with a taste experience that defies expectation.

Beneath a blanket of smooth milk chocolate lies a thin, crispy wafer filled with a creamy hazelnut filling, all topped with a delicate, dark chocolate drizzle.

Both individually wrapped Kinder Bueno bars are satisfying but not heavy, with a texture that is anything but expected.

Kinder Bueno

Milk Chocolate 31%(Sugar,cocoa Butter ,cocoa Mass,skimmed Milk Powder,concentrated Butter ,emulsifier:lecithins(Soya) ,vanillin),sugar,palm Oil,wheat Flour,hazelnuts (10.5%),skimmed Milk Powder, Milk Powder,chocolate(Sugar,cocoa Mass,cocoa Butter , Emulsifier:lecithins (Soya) ,vanillin,fat-reduced Cocoa , Emulsifier:lecithins(Soya) .raising Agents(Sodium Bicarbonate,ammonium Bicarbonate).salt,vanillin. Total Milk Constituents: 19%.

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