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Honey Langnese Summer Flowers
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Honey Langnese Summer Flowers

Langnese Summer Flowers Honey 17.6oz

Summer Flowers for natural goodness! Specially selected bee honey from the best sun-drenched flowers. This natural product was left to ripen in the comb. Langnese honey is only harvested after the bee has capped their honey combs, sealing in the honey’s natural aroma and all its nutritious goodness. Careful handling and bottling preserve this quality for you to enjoy. As time goes by, your clear honey may begin to crystallize. Don’t worry, this is a natural process, and your honey is still just as good. Simply allow the jar of honey to stand in hot water. This top-quality natural food has been harvested with traditional care and under the strictest controls. Since 1927, Langnese prides itself on guaranteeing that your clear honey meets their strictest standards for purity and high quality. NOTE: As with other raw vegetables too, this natural honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months.

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